Note: As of 1st of January 2015 Hestbæk Consult has fully integrated into Lift Relations. It is spearheaded by CEO, Dan Hestbaek and COO, Claus Gilbert Clausen.

Hestbæk Consult - a Nordic consulting company focusing on crafting relationships between marketers and communications companies – was founded in 2004.

Throughout the years Hestbæk Consult executed projects locally, regionally and globally assessing capabilities, organization structures, cost structures, governance, legal setups and ongoing performance reviews of relationships.

In its 10 year existence Hestbæk Consult developed methodologies that later translated into technologies built for marketers and communications companies. 

The most notable technologies were (supplier search and selection tool), (online relationship management tool) and (resource and cost benchmarking tool).

The experience and values of Hestbæk Consult has been integrated into Lift Relations.